Top Cosplay Pages To Follow on Instagram

Top Cosplay Pages To Follow on Instagram

Top Cosplay Pages To Follow on Instagram Image

Top Cosplay Pages To Follow on Instagram? We can easily list many awesome cosplayers for you to follow but instead we are going to list the pages behind the success of many of these awesome cosplayers who sometimes don’t get credit or acknowledgment they deserve.

What is a feature page?

A feature page or sometimes referred to as a share page is basically a page that promotes cosplayers from around the world some for free and some for a fee.

Some feature or share pages may only focus on promoting certain types of cosplays like featuring only men, plus size cosplayers or armor based cosplays, but in this post we shall be listing cosplay feature pages who are known to be diverse when it comes to cosplay features.

Top Cosplay Instagram Feature Pages you Should Follow

1. Cosplay Way –

Cosplay Way is one of the most popular cosplay feature/share pages on Instagram with 200k followers. Established in 2016 with the aim of uniting the cosplay community with its diverse cosplay features. They strongly believe that cosplay is for everyone and it does not matter what age you are, the color of your skin, your size or disability if you want to cosplay, do it, and do it your way.

2. Cosplay Wow –

Cosplay Wow is another popular cosplay feature page on Instagram with 75k+ followers. Also established in 2016 with the aim of becoming the best cosplay feature page on Instagram. They also believe that cosplay is for everyone #CosplayIsForAll so they partnered up with cosplayway to promote diversity, peace and good vibes within the cosplay community.

3. Stars Of Cosplay –

Stars of cosplay has been around for ages and like cosplayway and cosplaywow they are all about diversity when it comes to cosplay features on their page – anyone can be a star of cosplay as long as you have the passion and drive to accomplish your goals.

4. Wall of Cosplay –

Wall of cosplay see it as an art gallery where some of the greatest pieces of art in this case cosplay is displayed. But yo, great page awesome feature please check them out.

5. Geek Litty –

Geek Litty is an absolute fun cosplay feature page to visit it’s not as big and popular as the rest but size doesn’t matter, does it, it’s basically what you do with the platform and the little followers you have.

6. Plug Cos –

Looking for a page to plug your cosplay well this is the page for you. Plug Cos is not as known as the above pages but they do their thing regardless

7. C0SUPP –

CosUpp is a page to keep an eye on they are currently teaming up with all the mentioned pages above in the hopes of creating something truly awesome in the sense of community

That is all for now but we shall be listing more Top Cosplay Pages To Follow on Instagram soon

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